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Hey, I'm Kim Rene

Luxury Travel Advisor 

Greetings, I'm Kim Rene, your dedicated travel enthusiast and the warm-hearted creator behind Pursuit Travel Co. My journey has led me to explore captivating locales like Barcelona, Italy, Belize, Bermuda, Jamaica, and Mexico , just to name a few. There's a certain magic in fusing my love for adventure with the art of planning, and that 's precisely what I specialize in. 

Travel isn't just a job for me; it's a lifelong passion. I recognize that in today's digital age, the options for planning travel are as  abundant as seashells on a beach. You can navigate search engines, converse  with vendors directly, or dive into the sea of online choices. Yet, there's something truly enchanting about having a dedicated travel planner by your side. It's not just about the destination; it's about the journey itself, those little details that make a big difference, and the peace ouf mind that comes with expert guidance. Hence, the birth of Pursuit Travel Co.


My mission is straightforward - to tailor journeys that are a perfect fit for you.   My aim is for you to kick back, relax, and relish your travels while I handle all the behind-the-scenes  intricacies. Whether your'e envisioning a fantastic girls' getaway, an all -inclusive escape, a dreamy honeymoon, an adrenaline-pumping sporting event, or a deep dive into local culture  - consider me your go-to travel expert. I 'm here for those amazing professionals , predominantly women, who  are tirelessly chasing their dreams but don't have the extra hours to spare for meticulous trip planning . If you're the kind of traveler who finds tranquility on a Caribbean beach one moment and craves adventure on a catamaran ride the next, who delights in local flavors during a food tour and immerses themselves in rich cultural experiences - you've arrived at the  perfect spot. 

For you , travel isn't just a pastime; it's a means to commemorate life's significant milestones, and I am here to ensure those moments are nothing short of extraordinary. The word "pursuit" signifies a search or a chase, and I am thrilled to embark on this incredible journey with you. So , let's seize your travel dreams and make them a splendid reality together!

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"Kim was absolutely amazing! She made my best friends bachelorette trip one to remember. From the transportation to booking all of our excursions everything was seamless . So professional and organized from the beginning to the end I will definitely book Kim for my future trips! Thank youuuuu!."

Maricela    H - Maryland 

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